Makdomen's services may not be used for illicit trafficking - selling, buying or offering and extorting any illegal activity, including piracy, illegal substances, Weapons and more.

Pornographic content, spam, speech or language posted on websites or domains that incite hatred and discrimination are also prohibited.

Any distribution of material that infringes copyright or trademark rights, such as unauthorized videos and music, is prohibited and the user will be removed as soon as it is noticed by the administrators, or if there is a reaction from the copyright user.

Also, Makdomen 's stands for zero tolerance of child pornography, content that is considered to be child pornography or child exploitative content.

Any web site that is found and that hosts child pornography, link to child pornography or exploitative content will be suspended immediately without notice.

The purchased cPanels are not allowed to be resold to third parties. If it is found that they are resold they will be suspended.

Makdomen reserves the right, but is not obliged, to review and regulate the content of its clients, and in case of breach of the terms of use, remove user accounts or refuse to provide services.

All users, if they are considered to be abusing their hosting services, or are involved in illegal activities, are subject to surveillance and control by authorized macadam administrators or government officials.

The network is also designed to be used for sending emails. However if you want to send more than 500 messages at a time you will not be allowed and treated as unwanted or spam. In some cases, even if you send less than 500 messages that result in a series of complaints to us we will treat it as unwanted or spam.

If you want to send emails for commercial purposes or similarly find providers that enable it (such as Mailchimp) or others.

If any of these conditions are violated, the page will be automatically disconnected directly from the server.

This Hosting policy applies to everyone who uses our services, and is intended to prevent unlawful activity or possible abuse of the server, respecting the rights to freedom of speech and expression if no harm is done to others, protecting the integrity and privacy of others. users, as well as ensuring network security and stability.

By using our services, the user accepts the rules of conduct of the policy, which means that he will not perform actions defined by this policy as unacceptable for the use of our services.

Makdomen is not responsible for the secrecy or privacy of data transmitted through our network, which means that users are obliged to protect their data themselves.

Sincerely, Makdomen